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Daniel Rezaei
Hi, I am Daniel Rezaei, an about shiraz team member. My intensive love for strolling around in the historical alleys of Shiraz pushed me to join the team. I am engaged in various sections of the group. I am organizing a map specifically designed and illustrated for Shiraz and coordinating the About Shiraz tour and their arrangements. I cooperate in our video producing section in aerial video shooting. I am usually occupied with doing sports. I love the sky, flying, and running.
Yasaman Zarei
Here in About Shiraz, I am, content manager. If you double a regular lifetime, I could say I am a full-time writer, half-time UX/UI designer, and half-time runner—a multi-sided individual as a brief self-description. BA graduate in performing Art from the Art University of Tehran, excessively passionate about emerging technologies & digital media, and positively addicted to helping people.
Seyed Amir Sajjadi
I studied business management, and I am highly interested in traveling; I was born in shiraz city of the poem, politeness, and four-season land, which attracted me to establish About Shiraz.
Shekoufeh Ahamdi
Graduated from Shiraz University in English Literature with 8 years of experience in teaching English and touring. Enjoys to explore cultures and arts.
Mahsa Rezaei
Farima Roozitalab
I have bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Shiraz University. Mainly interested in communication with people from different cultures around the world. As a public relations specialist, I seek to build and maintain a positive image of our beloved team. People don't buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic. "Seth Godin"
Kiana Fazilat
I’m a masters student of English Literature at Shiraz University, which explains why I’ve always been prone to flights of fancy. To keep my feet firmly on the ground, I do some teaching and translating on the side. I’ve lived and studied in the United States for a while, but I couldn’t bear to part with my dear Shiraz for long!