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Fars Science and Technology Park

Fars Science and Technology Park


Fars Science and Technology Park


Fars Science and Technology Park (FSTP), authorized by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, officially started its operation in 2002 to make appropriate infrastructures for technology development. FSTP encompasses three incubator centers and a multi-tenant building for entrepreneur companies (graduated companies from incubators) in 20 hectare of land, North-West of Shiraz city, together with eight affiliated centers in numerous cities of Fars province. FSTP provides an appropriate environment for professional presence of small, and medium technical companies, and their research, and development offices travel by innovators. the foremost goal of FSTP is to constructively and effectively connect companies, universities, research centers, and huge industries which are actively engaged in innovative technologies. FSTP also tries to make job opportunities for university graduates, and researchers, and to produce internship opportunities. Fars Science and Technology Park may be a subset of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and is managed by governmental, financial supports.


Definition of Science and Technology Park 2:


Science and Technology Park is an organization managed by professional experts whose main goal is to increase wealth in the community through developing innovation perception, and increasing competitiveness among present companies in parks, and knowledge, and science-based institutes.


Goals of Science and Technology Parks:


  • Increasing wealth in the country through knowledge-based economy
  • Commercialization of university research results, and connecting research, production, and service sections
  • Increasing competitiveness, and growth among knowledge-based companies
  • Attracting technical knowledge, and national, and international capitals
  • Encouraging international collaboration of technology-based companies
  • Supporting small, and medium technology-based enterprises
  • Supporting innovative, research institutes, and companies
  • Developing international cooperation to benefit from global experiences
  • Efficient presence in global, technology markets


Geographical position:

Fars province is located in the south of the country. It neighbors Isfahan province to the north, Hormozgan Province to the south,  Yazd province to the east, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, and Bushehr Province to the west . Fars province extends to 133000 km2, and covers 8.1 percent of the countries’ whole land. Fars Science and technology Park is situated in Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province.


Board members of Fars Science and Technology Park:

  • Dr.Farid Moore (President of Fars Science and Technology Park)
  • Dr.Habib Sharif (Director of Iranian National Elite Foundation)
  • Dr.Ghasem Habib Agahi (Research Deputy of Shiraz University)
  • Dr.Seyed Basir Hashemi (Research and Technology Deputy of Shiraz Medical University)
  • Dr.Seyed Jafar Roozegar (Research Deputy of Shiraz Industrial University)
  • Dr.Seyed Ayatollah Razmjoo (Governor Advisor in University Affairs)
  • Mr.Jamal Razeghi Jahromi (Director of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture)
  • Dr.Seyed Mehdi Nasiri (Vice President of Fars Science and Technology Park)
  • Dr.Behnam Keshavarzi (logistic Deputy of Fars Science and Technology Park)


Fars Science and Technology Park


Fars Science and Technology Park






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