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Art In Shiraz

Art In Shiraz 

Art in Shiraz

Shiraz was the leading art and culture of Persian art since years ago. Shiraz City was the venue of Shiraz art Festival among the years since 1967 to 1977. The festival was the world's largest cultural event in its own time. This event was aimed at encouraging Iranian traditional arts and raising Iran's cultural standards. It was also the local event to be the world's largest traditional and modern artists and all over the globe in various art disciplines.

The Shiraz Festival of Arts was an international summer arts festival, held in Iran bringing about the encounter between the East and the West.The Festival stopped after Iran islamic revolution .

The impact of the festival on Iranian modern Art:

During the opening of the relationship between Iranian and international artists, Shiraz Festival led to the growth of avant-garde in contemporary Iranian art. Returning to the origins of the Ancient Civilization (Persepolis), in the modern intellectual environment, the Iranian Art Society met with a new face of modern art. Dealing with modern experiences, it was a new place in the art of Iran to believe that the organizers of the festival were important to promote and change the artistic atmosphere of the country. the goal of the festival was to expand the parameters of observation, experimental, and writing.


As the spiritual home of Persian arts and letters, it should come as no surprise that Shiraz houses variety of fantastic museums and galleries, showcasing the most effective of Iranian history and high culture. Exquisite carpets, handwritten Qurans, historic houses, Achaemenid weapons.

Today, There are many Art festivals and big music concerts and great exibitions that are held every year in Shiraz . 

In Shiraz we have lots of art galleries which exibit different artworks in the field of painting, photography, graphics, architecture and... . There is also plenty of art Academies in the city which use new methods for teaching art.

Cinema and Theater : 

Although prominent actors from the people of Shiraz have been introduced to Iran and the world But the art of theatre and cinema due to lack of facilities and suitable training spaces has not been a significant improvement in this city, and most of the Shirazi people who are interested in the cinema and theatre have to move to Tehran the Capital. Of course, in recent decades, good and high-end theatre groups have started to work in Shiraz, most of them have won the awards in Tehran and various festivals in Iran.  One of these groups, known as the Cheft Theater group, is the result of multiple young independent activities and have won many awards in Iran national festivals .

  • Amirreza Koohestani is one of the best theater directors of Iran and has won many awards in international and national festivals and directed some shows outside of the country . 

art in Shiraz

  • Ebrahim Golestan is a director, novelist, translator, journalist and Iranian photographer from Shiraz Graduated of Tehran University. He is the first Iranian director who has won an international award. He is considered to be the thinkers of Iran's leading artist, and many of the art events after him are borrowed. Lilly Golestan ,His daughter, is one of the best translators in Iran and Kaveh Golestan , his son, is one the most famous photographers and documentary makers .His grandson,Mani Haghighi is one of the most famous Iranian actors and directors.

Art in shiraz

art in shiraz

Painting : 

The existence of numerous paintings and monuments in all cultural and historical environments of Shiraz City has led to a great interest in painting and visual arts from the old and young people of the city. But today's modern people are less interested in traditional paingting styles, and most of the contemporary painters of Shiraz are working with modern world styles or postmodernism and realistic painting . 

art in shiraz

art in shiraz

Music : 

The most popular art among the people of Shiraz is Music. As a happy and joyful lifestyle that they have, the love for music and dance is not a surprise .They are able to learn musics and go the music classes whenever they get a chance . There is a number of musical schools in this city. Also, due to the interest of the people of this city, the music concerts is a common event every year, where tickets are sold within less than half an hour.Among the youth of Shirazi people and the contemporary people of this city, the new music groups and bands emerged with the style of fusion or pop-rock or jazz and recently they had many improvements .

art in shiraz

art in shiraz


Photography : 

In this city, due to the presence of historical parts of the city and the people who still lives in this parts , the young and emerging photographers are interested in documentary and street photography rised up. Photographers that take hours in the heart of the city and take pictures of old and different lives of the people there , poeple who are far away from modern life and doesn't have much facilities to use in their regular lives.These photographers capture their living styles and shows to the world with hope of bringing a better life for them in the future .Some of these photographers has won many awards and some international magazins published their photos . 

art in shiraz

art in shiraz

Architecture :

Architecture is one of the most famouse arts in this vibrant city. Shiraz University has a good art and architecture faculty.Mehrdad Iravanian is among the famous architects in Shiraz, which has educated in USL University of America.In 2000 he won the award of the Marbel Architecture (MAA) for designing the landscape of Quran's gate .
art in shiraz
art in shiraz
At the end Shiraz is the unique art platform in Iran, which has been much more better in recent years and many artists of the capital or sometimes foregin artists come to the city and perform large art projects .



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