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Honar Shahr Aftab Cineplex

Honarshahr-e Aftab Cinplex


Honarshahr-e Aftab Art Campus is a cinematic complex in Shiraz, Iran.

The cineplex, founded in 2017, is the most standard and the most up-to-date collection of Iranian cinema, which is now privately owned and has eight display halls. It also has the possibility to hold theatre shows and music concerts.

Outside the large Derry of cineplex, it opens into a waterfront area and green space.Honarshahr-e Aftab is known as the most modern cinematic complex in the country. There are a series of built-in features that can be displayed and live in the area. There are also restaurants and coffee shops in this collection.


Address : Shiraz , Persian Gulf Complex , Honarshahr-e Aftab Cineplex 
honarshahr aftab
honarshahr aftab
honarshahre aftab

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