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Running In Shiraz 


Shiraz is a city that has a good platform for running because of a suitable natural environment.Shiraz municipality has made special places and people use these enviroments for daily exercises and their city runs.people of Shiraz love mountains and whenever they want they can have a great trail running in mountains and natural places in the city whitout wasting time for driving a long distance to Reach the mountains beacuse the mountains are Shiraz itself .In Shiraz poeple can have Trail Running , Sky Running , City Running , Track and field.

Recently some Running Clubs rised up in Shiraz and they encourage people to join for free and run .Members are mostly from youth and they have expert coaches and teach how to run better for a healtier life .

Some of These Clubs are : 

1.ShirazRunners : This Independent Group has daily practices mostly in Chamran high feilds and special Crosswalks that municipality built .

Instagram : Shirazrunners

2.Mr.Manizan Group : Mr.Manizan is one of the best coaches in Shiraz and Iran. He is coach of the Iran Army Team and has daily practices for whoever wants to join .

Tell : +989171207110

3.Redmountain Club : It is another independent running club which made with young people of Shiraz for daily running practices . 

Instagram : Redmountainclub

Some of the mountains in Shiraz for trail , sky Running : 

1.Kooh-e Sorkh : 

Kooh-e Sorkh (The Red Mountain) is one of the most beautiful mountains in shiraz located in the west of the city. This beautiful mountain starts from the west of the Golestan town and continues to Qalat mountains. Peak of the mountain is 2800 meters high. It is a mountain of coarse and small sands that looks red and is probably why it is known as the Red Mountain.

running in shiraz

running in shiraz

2.Derak Mountain : Koh-e Derak (Mountain of Snow, Mount Meisaghi, mountain of Mother) is a mountain in Shiraz, which started from the west of the city and continued to go to Aliabad village. There is a building in the peak of the mountain and the mountain profile and peaks is written there. The mountain peak is approximately 2900 metres from the sea level, and the north part is usually in the snow from December to late March.

ruuning in shiraz

running in shiraz

3.Chamran Hill : chamran hill is a small mountain erea in chamran boulevard and it's good for trail training or Endurance exercises.

run in shiraz


people can have track and feild in some special sport complexes like Hafezieh Stadium .You can see list of Stadiums and sport complexes Here







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