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Yoga In Shiraz 


Yoga is a physical and mental sport (intellectual) that is created in the continent of India and by Hindus.The exact root of this exercise is less impossible by what personal and exactly how it is created. Because the history of yoga formation goes away to many years.Yoga has a meaning of "controlling", and in which case yoga can be the science of thought-control and knowledge-inhibition of the minds in order to be more comprehensive on its potential. In this case, the knowledge of the method, which is the control of the powers of the body, is emphasized.

Yoga exercises greatly increases endurance and it helps to breathe correctly .Because of that athlete people of Shiraz do yoga exercises beside their main sport feilds to increase breathing quality level and their endurance . 

In Shiraz there is good yoga clubs and they cover different styles of this great sport . 

Here are some of the Yoga Clubs :

  • Tandorost Yoga Club 
Address : Shiraz , Ghasr-e dasht Street 
  • Raz-e Neshat Yoga Club 
Address :Shiraz , Eram Street , 22 Alley 
  • Ghoghnoos Yoga Club
Address :Shiraz , Esteghlal Blvd.
  • Armaghan Yoga Club 
Address : Fars Province, Shiraz, Mirzay - e - Shirazi 9, Iran
  • Taravat-e Shahre Raz Yoga Club
Address : Shiraz , Farhang Shahr Street 
  • Mehr Yoga Club
Address : Fars Province, Shiraz, Moali'Abad Blvd, Moaliabad St, Iran
  • Navay-e Shiraz Yoga Club 
Address :Fars Province, Shiraz, W Ghodoosi Blvd, Iran
  • Aramis Yoga Club 
Address :Shiraz , Ghasr-e Dasht Street , Poostchi Street 

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