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Crossfit In Shiraz


The cross-fit is a diet and program for fitness that has been founded by Greg Golsaman and registered commercially. The cross-fit includes physical exercises and fitness competitions. Cross-fit exercises are a combination of weightlifting, plivmetric, powerting, gymnastics, calstonic exercises and other exercises.In recent years Crossfit have found popularity among Shiraz youth.People of Shiraz care about their body and health, and they go to the CrossFit clubs to reduce their excess weights.The rest of the athletes which have different sport disciplines use crossfit to lose weight and increase the power of different parts of their body along their main sport.

gym in shiraz

gym in shiraz

Here are some of crossfit clubs in Shiraz :

  • Javan Fitness club
Address : Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, N Iman St, Iran
  • Himo Gym
Address : Shiraz , Sattar khan Street , Baharan Complex 
  • Taban X-body Club (Women)
Address :Otana1, Moali'Abad Blvd, Fars Province Shiraz, Mali Abad Blvd, Iran
  • Atsez Gym
Address :Fars Province, Shiraz, Afif Abad St, Iran
  • X-body VIP
Address :Shiraz , W ghodoosi blvd.
  • Orange Crossfit Club
Address :Shiraz , Pasdaran Street , Mab'as Alley.
  • FitLife Camp Club
Address :Fars Province, Shiraz, E Ghodoosi Blvd, Iran

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