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Football In Shiraz

Football In Shiraz


Football is the most popular sport among the people of Shiraz and baby boys since they are a child have a strong interest in learning and playing this sport.They play football everywhere ; in school, neighborhood, street and etc. Shiraz has three famous football teams, each with a lot of honors for the city.

Football teams of Shiraz :

Bargh-e Shiraz was once to the championship and once to the Vice Championship of Iran's football cup.

football in shiraz

Features of Bargh-e Shiraz Sport Club :

At first, the team played in the famous land of  Saadi region that the elderly Shirazi have many memories of this neighberhood. Before the Islamic revolution, the current club was built with indoor pool facilities, the standard grass land, the lounge and the basketball and volleyball land in Razi Boulevard, which was the most unique facility in the country for a football team. Part of the facility was added to the club in the 1990.

football in shiraz

  • Fajr-e Shahid Sepasi Team :

Fajr Sepasi F.C. is one of Iran's football clubs. The team is currently competing in the Azadegan League.The club is a subset of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and one of the teams that could attract other team soldiers.

shiraz football

football shiraz

  • Qashqai Team :

The Qashqai Sport Club of Shiraz is one of the Iranian football teams, which is present as a representative of Fars Province in the Azadegan League.

shiraz football

Shiraz has a lot of football schools and 3 stadiums ( Hafezieh , Pars , Artesh ) and many sport complexes for this popular sport.

Here are some of the best Football Schools in Shiraz : 

  • Bahman Football School 
Address : Shiraz , Ordibehesht Street , Infront of Mulla Sadra mall
  • Payam Football School 
Address : Shiraz , Forsat-e Shiraz Street ,Fazel Street .
  • Pishgaman Football School 
Address :Shiraz , Esteghlal Street , Hava bord intersection 
  • Afshin Peyravani Football School 
Address :Shiraz , Artesh blvd. , Haraf Street .
  • Perspolis Football School 
Address :Shiraz , Zand Street , Before Pars Hotel
  • Persian  Gulf Football School 
Address :Fars Province, Shiraz, Tahvili St.
  • Hafez Football School 
Address :Shiraz , South Vesal Street .
  • Vesal Football School
Address :Fars Province, Shiraz,Enghelab St





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