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Taekwando In Shiraz

Taekwando In Shiraz


Taekwando or Korean karate is a Korean martial art and one of the Olympic sports disciplines.Taekwando is National sports of South Korea and has the largest number of athletes among martial sports around the world and is renowned for the master of Foot kicks, so that the multiplicity and diversity of foot blows in Taekwondo are very high, and compared with other martial exercises in this regard, it has a special superiority.

Among the people of Shiraz, Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial sports.Shiraz has many martial clubs and we name some of them below :

  • Peyman Gym 
Address :Shiraz , Atlasi Square 
  • Pars Gym
Address :Shiraz , Modarres blvd. , Shahijan Street 
  • Siroos Gym
Address :Shiraz , Zargari Street 

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