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Shiraz industrial town


The large industrial city of Shiraz, located in the east of Shiraz, is the largest and most important industrial city in Fars province, with an approximate area of 1,400 hectares (959 hectares of operational phase and 611 hectares of industrial phase), one of the largest and most important industrial estates in the country.

Food Industry Zarrin Ghazal Industrial Group, one of the largest ice cream producers in Iran, is located in this town. Industrial units such as Ariasam, Arjhan, Parsirang, Damdaran, B. A, Sadak meet product, Pepsi and Sabzineh tak are among the other major active units in the food industry in the big industrial town of Shiraz.

Chemical industry: Industrial units such as Padideh foam, shiraz panels, Tak ista, Javaneh poosh parseh, Jahan shimi bespar, shiraz nylon, tabarestan plastic, fars pet and green tube a.s are major active units in the chemical industry in the big industrial town of Shiraz.

 Cellulose industries: Industrial units such as the first choice, Zulanavi carpet, Aboughadare Industrial Group, Decoran, Mana Pak, Eftekhari Industrialists of Shiraz, Mehrari Handicrafts and Katkar Industrial Group are among the most important active units in cellulosic industries in the big industrial town of Shiraz.

Metal Industries: Industrial units such as Fateh Kimia Industries, Foolad payeh, Fanavaran Shayan tarh, Adak Industries, Energy Makers, Pars Columns, Fars Investigation Jihad, Derekab, Shelter Steel, Pidak, Sobhan foolad baft, Industrial Complex Reza, Nick Roy pooshesh, Secure Exhaust parsian and Steel Ariya Jam are major active units in the steel industry in the big industrial town of Shiraz.


Easy use of industrial land with water and electricity, street streets, documents and separate sections.

Cash payments and installments and exploitation right.

No need for inquiries from government departments and agencies

Creation of reliable value added and installed facilities due to being in the industrial area approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and other government departments and agencies

Possibility to use the common services of industrial units

Possibility of using products, skilled personnel and experience of industrial units within the industrial town

The possibility of using tax exemptions

Forgiveness of part of the cost of exploitation of the facility for units that are earlier (less than two and a half years old) to be exploited (in accordance with the company's regulations and regulations)

No need to obtain a building permit from the municipality and pay the fees for issuing building permits


Shiraz industrial town

Shiraz industrial town



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