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Shiraz before Islam

Shiraz before Islam


Shiraz is undoubtedly over 4,000 years of age. The name Shiraz is referenced in cuneiform engravings from around 2000 BC found in southwestern corner of the city. As per some Iranian fanciful customs, it was initially raised by Tahmuras Diveband, and a short time later tumbled to demolish. 
In the Achaemenian time, Shiraz was in transit from Susa to Persepolis and Pasargadae. In Ferdowsi's Shāhnāma it has been said that Artabanus V, the Parthian Emperor of Iran, extended his power over Shiraz. Ghasre Abu-Nasr (signifying "the royal residence of AbuNasr") which is initially from Parthian period is arranged around there. During the Sassanid period, Shiraz was in the middle of the way which was associating Bishapur and Gur to Istakhr. Shiraz was a significant provincial place under the Sassanians.

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