Our Videos

These are the videos that our team carefully captured and will show you the depth of shirazes beauty along other things.

Veins of Life
Although the main river of Shiraz is called “Khoshk River” which means dried river, this city contains 4 long water streams around itself that pass gardens and streets all around it. This video will tell you the story of the historical background of water supply in Shiraz, origins of water streams and “Qanats” around Shiraz, popular ways of dividing streams for each region and how water division has changed during the last decade.
Kalat and Ramin Baqi
How music play role in qalat village
Shiraz Coffee Roastery
How Shirazi people provided their coffee
Ashkan Sajadi and Trail Running
Run to Fall
Mehdi Salami and Graffiti
How a Graphist live in shiraz
Buria Bafi
Shiraz handi craft heritage
Black Stone and Shayan Sajadian
what is going on in Sang Siah